Melinda S. Moriarity

About the Author

Melinda S. Moriarity is an author, photographer and wellness coach. As an author, she strives to help others find insight, peace and happiness. In her first book, So I Married a Douchebag, Melinda draws upon her personal experiences over the span of five years during which she went through a marriage, a divorce and was left to find her bearings in the world. With the support of her friends and family, Melinda did find happiness and discovered that life after divorce is even more wonderful than you could have ever imagined it could be! Through sharing her experiences, Melinda hopes to help others through divorce and other challenging life experiences. When she's not writing, Melinda can be found providing coaching services to her clients. She's an adept wellness coach and currently holds certificates in personal training and holistic nutrition. Melinda is also a talented fashion photographer and enjoys capturing the world from behind her camera lens. So I Married a Douchebag, the first in a series, is now available for purchase on

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